Children Matters

On separation there are often difficult decisions to be made about where the children of the family should live, with whom and what contact the other parent should have. Mediation is often successful in assisting parties to reach an agreement and Nicholls Solicitors have links to local and specialised family mediators.

Where mediation and/or negotiations through solicitors is not successful then it is possible to apply to court for any of the following orders as regards any children:

  • Residence Order: This determines where the child should live full time. It is also possible to have an order for Joint Residence where the child divides their time between both parents homes and the parties have joint responsibility
  • Contact Order : It is possible to apply to court for contact. This can be defined which sets out a set timetable for contact, that is it may specify where and when contact will take place.
  • Specific Issue Order: The court can determine a particular issue between the parties for example, which school the child should attend.

Prohibited steps order: The court can make an order prohibiting one party from doing a particular act or taking particular steps for example taking the child abroad

We can advise you on any of these applications.


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