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Preparing a Will can be daunting, and the considerations and discussions involved, are not always easy. With around only half of adults having a valid Will in place, and blended families increasing, planning what should happen after your death is as important as ever.

At Nicholls Solicitors, you can approach us for practical, valuable advice shaped to your unique situation. Preparing a Will that ensures your assets pass in line with your wishes will give you peace of mind.

If you pass away without a Will this could mean that your loved ones do not receive what you would want them to from your estate. We advise that once you have a Will, it is reviewed on a regular basis.

What Information do I need to provide to make a Will?

We appreciate that you may want advice on how best to approach your estate planning but at the outset it is helpful to have an idea of the approximate value of your Estate (including assets and debts), the details of who you wish for your Estate to be divided between (the beneficiaries), who you would want to administer your estate (the ‘executors’)

What will happen to my Estate if I don’t have a Will?

The law would decide how the Estate of the deceased is divided, meaning who you intended to receive certain assets may not.  This is called ‘intestacy’ and your estate would be divided in accordance with the laws on intestacy.


Dealing with administering complex estates at an already difficult and upsetting time can often feel overwhelming. We want to take that burden away and help you to deal with the estate as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. It can be complicated, especially, when different types of assets such as property, investments, and shareholdings are in question.

We can take this burden away from your loved ones by assisting with obtaining the grant of Probate and administering the estate.  We do this with reference to the time spent dealing with your estate, no matter the size of your assets.

How long does probate usually take?

This is dependent on each matter, although usually it takes between 6 and 12 months.

How much does probate cost?

We try to be as fair and transparent as possible in relation to pricing for probate, however there may be circumstances where prices may vary. In that event we would notify you in writing if the estimate needed to change. Have a look at our general probate pricing here.

How can we help you?

We know that your situation is unique so please contact us to discuss your own specific needs. Our head of Wills and Probate, Matthew, is contactable on [email protected] or you can call us on 0161 980 6099.