Separation or Divorce

Divorce is a significant step in anyone’s life and is a big decision. It may be appropriate for you to consider a separation or to attempt family counselling for example and our Solicitors will discuss all of these options with you. In some cases a judicial separation is appropriate as an alternative to divorce.

If you or your spouse decide that a divorce is needed then we will guide you through that process with understanding and sensitivity.

The process for a divorce is usually straightforward if the divorce is uncontested. We would need to consider the appropriate grounds for divorce and discuss these with you.

We can offer fixed fees on divorce cases in respect of the divorce proceedings only as follows:
Petitioner £650 plus VAT and court fees (£550)
Respondent £200 plus VAT

In some cases the other party may be ordered to pay the divorce costs, or you and your spouse can agree to split the divorce costs equally.


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