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Nicholls Solicitors are specialist civil litigation solicitors with extensive experience at dealing with a range of litigation matters. We know that disputes can be stressful and we aim to work with you to achieve the outcome that is best for you to resolve the matter.

This often involves an ongoing analysis of costs, risk and benefits as the matter progresses and we work with you to ensure that the outcome is the best for your individual situation.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with a range of disputes including contested probate, inheritance claims, shareholder/Director & Partnership disputes, breach of contract claims and debt recovery.

We also regularly advise and represent clients in claims in the Lands Tribunal and we work with the highest calibre of experts and barrister to ensure that you have the best team at your side throughout your matter.

Disputes can often arise between business partners, directors and shareholders. They can arise for a number of reasons during the course of a business working relationship but any dispute needs to be handled with skill and experience in this area.

There can be particular difficulties where there are informal arrangements in place, for example in partnerships where there is no formal partnership agreement or in a limited company where the rules of governance are not set out clearly. This can cause difficulties when a dispute does arise.

We have an excellent record of settling these types of disputes and advising clients in the best possible way. We have strong links to expert mediators, forensic accountants and barristers to support your case.

The courts and tribunals encourage alternative dispute resolution and we can assist you in seeking to resolve your matter as amicably and cost effectively as possible.

Land law is a particularly complicated area of the law and there can be various disputes which arise including boundary disputes, claims for adverse possession or disputes concerning easements or rights of way. A dispute with a neighbour can be very stressful as well as potentially expensive and we aim to offer you the best advice from the outset.

Patrick Nicholls is a university lecturer on the topic of Land Law and has extensive experience at dealing with this area of law. Patrick has successfully dealt with many claims in the Lands Tribunal.

At the outset we are required to set out what the potential costs for your case may be and you will need to plan ahead how you will finance any litigation case. There are various options in relation to funding your litigation case:

  1. We commit to regularly invoicing you on a private paying basis so that you can keep track of your costs and pay as the case is progressing
  2. Depending on the nature of your case, you may have legal expenses insurance available that may finance your legal costs.
  3. Alternatively it is possible to seek after the event insurance at a cost and this will depend on the nature of your claim and prospects of success
  4. We can also offer, in some circumstances, for payment to be made at the conclusion of your case out of any settlement or house sale. This will depend on your individual circumstances and the issues and assets involved in the case

There are times when claims arise after someone has passed away. It is upsetting when there is a risk that a testators wishes may not be adhered to. We have experience in pursuing claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 where a family member or dependent has not been provided for in a will and wishes to make a claim.

There may also be situations where a beneficiary may seek to contests a will on the basis that it is not valid for some technical reason or on the basis that the testator was not of sound mind at the time that the will was executed, or was under pressure.

We are often instructed to deal with disputes arising out of contracts, for example allegations that one party has breached their obligations to the other party pursuant to a contract. There may also be allegations of misrepresentation or fraud. We have significant experience at dealing with a range of contractual disputes.

At Nicholls Solicitors we know that court is a last resort when it comes to civil disputes and we have had many successes over the years when representing clients at mediation or round table negotiations. The courts promote settlement, and we entirely agree that a sensible settlement is usually the best outcome but if that is not possible then we can represent you through the courts.

We can also offer advice and assistance in small claims court matters (that is money claims under £10,000 in value).

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We are committed to fighting your corner, resolving matters as cost effectively as possible but ensuring that you receive the right result for you or your business.

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We have a wealth of experience at dealing with civil litigation matters and are highly specialist in this area.

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Some of our
frequently asked questions

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What is Litigation?

Litigation covers a range of disputes between parties and these claims often involve the return of money or goods, a claim for damages or for the recovery of property or land. We have specialist knowledge and expertise in the Lands Tribunal and are often instructed on boundary and other property and land disputes. We are also regularly instructed in relation to company disputes concerning shareholders and partnerships.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Whenever a dispute arises the parties are encouraged to try to resolve their dispute by alternative means such as negotiations through solicitors, mediation or round table discussions. Only if these options are not feasible should you resort to issuing court proceedings.

What is a small claim?

Any claim which has a value of less than £10,000 would be classed as a small claim. This means that you would not usually recover more than court fees and a very small amount of fixed costs from the other side even if you won the case. It is therefore important to be particularly mindful of costs in small claims court matters.

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