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At Nicholls Solicitors we offer a free initial meeting in relation to family and litigation matters. This allows us to meet with you to get an initial idea of what your matter is regarding and the likely next steps so that we can advise on a strategy and the likely costs of moving the matter forward.
We can offer appointments in in person at the office or via telephone or video if that is more convenient for you. We appreciate that people have busy lives and we try to fit in with you and your work patterns wherever possible. Early morning appointments can often be provided.
We offer a free initial meeting because we hope that you will want to work with us going forward and we appreciate how daunting and worrying that initial step of coming to see a solicitor can be. We want to guide you and we want you to feel reassured in moving forward and we know that the best way to do that is to sit down and discuss things with you face to face.

Be prepared
Ideally when you attend that first meeting in order for us to set up a file we would need to see your identification documents. If any court proceedings have been issued then we would need to see these documents in order to advise you and it is very important that we are made aware at this first meeting of any court deadlines that need to be met. If you wish to issue divorce proceedings then we would need to see the original marriage certificate in order to issue any application.

Next Steps
After our first meeting we will send out a client care letter setting out who will be responsible for your matter and who will be your usual point of contact. This will set out the procedural next steps and also details about the likely cost of your matter. We will also send our terms and conditions which will include in depth information about our firm and the basis on which we will act for you, our rights and responsibilities to you and vice versa

Funding Options
We will discuss with you different funding options which we appreciate will depend on your own unique situation and your case. We often do not ask for up front fees and we can wait until the conclusion of your case to be paid in some circumstances (for example in a divorce where a lump sum settlement will be due or the house is going to be sold and equity released). We can also consider acting on a Conditional Fee Agreement (‘no win, no fee’) if applicable.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the way forward!